Adapting Floral Patterns for Your Projects

Adapting Floral Patterns for Your Projects


Drawing your own patterns, for some, seems daunting if not downright impossible. A wealth of decorative material exists in the world, both on-line and in print. The difficulty is in making these designs work for use in leather or making them fit into the space you need to fill. This class with Gordon Andrus is the right place to begin or continue your pattern drawing.

Using some base floral patterns, in this hands-on workshop, you will learn what the common pitfalls of potential leather patterns are. Then by learning about the skeletal lines that lay invisibly in all floral patterns, you will learn how to resize and reshape the various flowers and leaves available and connect them into simple tooling patterns. This covers the most straight forward layout methods that are central to an understanding of floral design.

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THURSDAY: Nov 1st, 8am to 12pm

All Skill Levels Welcome!