Advanced Hand Stitching: Box Stitch

Advanced Hand Stitching: Box Stitch


Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced, or attendance of the morning Beginning Hand Stitching workshop with Gordon Andrus

This is a unique opportunity to learn one of the less known stitching techniques of fine leatherwork. At one time many cases or boxes were made from leather, and the makers of these case goods employed the use of hand box stitching. Though rarely taught today, this stitching technique is a hallmark of the finest work in leather and is still used in the finest case work. Workshop attendees will progress through the steps with Gordon to learn the technique.

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FRIDAY: Nov 2nd, 1pm to 5pm

Materials to Bring: Stitch marking tools, if you have them – overstitch wheels, pricking wheels etc., harness needles, diamond and curved awls with handles. Note taking materials. Cameras welcome. Gordon will have some tools for you to use during the class, tools will be provided where needed.