Engraving Scottish Scrolls & Stylized Geometrics

Engraving Scottish Scrolls & Stylized Geometrics


If you think elegant engraving could be spiced up with some geometrics, you’re in the right place! Instructor Nevada Miller will lead students in drawing, layout, and the engraving process of her very own Scottish Scrolls—a hybrid of Western and English scrolls which also incorporate geometric elements. This process only uses 5 gravers; proving great design can be accomplished with minimal tools and a little creativity! This layout and design will be shown on a cuff style bracelet to illustrate the application to a real piece of jewelry. The class will finish discussion about pricing your work—something Nevada is passionate about sharing—and how to use social media for your budding business.

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THURSDAY: Nov 1st, 1pm to 4pm

This short but jam-packed workshop is loaded with information; some engraving experience is helpful but not required