Smooth Control & Refinement with the Swivel Knife

Smooth Control & Refinement with the Swivel Knife


Control of the Swivel knife is fundamental to all decorative work with leather. After checking to be sure that they know how to properly sharpen and strop their knives. Instructor Gordon Andrus will work with each student to adjust their knives to get the most out of them without muscle and joint fatigue. He will show you how to free yourself up to move better and make smooth flowing cuts. Emphasis will also be placed on making cuts of any length that fade from full width to whisper thin over the full length of the cut. Also covered will be, making push cuts, avoiding undercuts, and practice exercises for improving finish cuts.

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THURSDAY: Nov 1st, 1pm to 5pm

Materials to Bring: Swivel knives, blades, sharpening guides, stones, and strops.

Skill Level: All Skill Levels Welcome!