Luxury Alligator Watch Strap: Finishing

Luxury Alligator Watch Strap: Finishing


In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to master the intricate detailed work of finishing edges, including painting and creasing, so you can build more refined and higher quality leather goods. With the help of instructor Sean Aquino, you’ll build a luxury watch strap in alligator leather to learn and practice these skills. Utilize these same techniques to belts, pet collars and handbags. In this course, Sean provides the same tools and materials that the best designers and makers use today, helping create better projects than you ever have before. Learn tips and tricks needed to use those tools and materials effectively, allowing you to unlock the secrets of creating finely crafted leather edges. 

Materials donated by Mark Staton Co., Hermann Oak Leather Co., Renia USA and Fine Leatherworking.

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THURSDAY Nov 1st, 9am to 5pm

Materials to Bring: A sewing pony (if you prefer it to a sewing clam). Bring a cutting knife and skiving knife if you prefer your own.