Bear Oaks Branch Tooling

Bear Oaks Branch Tooling


This two day workshop you will learn the “BearMan Realistic Leaves” tooling process and “Nature Colors” dye process from instructor Ed LaBarre. Students will be lead in learning how to tool and sculpt leaves in a much more realistic way to add a natural element to a number of projects. With a full day devoted to tooling, you can expect to come away with many new techniques for adding depth and realism to your work.

The second full day covers coloring the entire project following the “Nature Colors” process using Ed’s “BearDye” and Angelus dyes. This is fantastic information that nearly every leather drafter can put to practice in their individual work.

Come join The BearMan for a fun, informative & comprehensive workshop and go home with techniques to inspire future projects and learning opportunities.

This class is for Intermediate students.

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Thursday & Friday: October 31 & November 1, 2019 8am-4pm