Beveling: Help for Beginners

Beveling: Help for Beginners


There are many steps to follow when tooling patterns into a leather design and it can be overwhelming for some beginning leatherworkers. Students should learn how to cut the design using a swivel knife and then somehow make those cuts turn into a realistic & dimensional design. This is where instructor Joe Meling can help beginning leathercrafters improve their skills in this relaxed, half-day class. Beveling swivel knife cuts can tend to be a stumbling block, especially for beginners and sometimes achieving smooth bevel lines throughout a project can seem next to impossible. With Joe’s help students will experiment with different types of bevelers, learn small techniques and be guided through practice drills that will help turn that stumbling block into a stepping stone. The ability to run smooth bevel lines will accelerate your tooling regardless of the overall style that appeals to you.

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SATURDAY, November 2, 2019 8am-12pm

Students should bring:

  • Mallet/maul

  • Bevelers you currently use

  • Marble for tooling (small piece, if available)