Cutting in, Beveling & Bar grounding

Cutting in, Beveling & Bar grounding


Of the many steps involved in floral leather tooling these three will make or break the outcome of a piece.  Beveling is a subtle skill and attendees will gain a greater ability to walk the beveler for smooth toolmark free results.  Gordon has a few bargrounding tricks to share also that that can greatly improve your background work.  

Though not required for this class, taking the morning session, Sharpening the Swivel Knife, and Methods of its Use for Smooth Control, will prepare you to get the most out of this session.

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All skill levels are welcome

Cameras are welcome

Students should bring:

  • Three ring binder

  • Swivel knives with sharp blades, Strop

  • Bevelers and set of bargrounders.  Size 35 to 40 is a good range for this class.

  • Red Ox brand swivel knives and blades along with Barry King stamps for this class can be purchased from Gordon's website.

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019: 1pm—5pm