Foundations in Floral Patterns

Foundations in Floral Patterns


Floral carving is a beautiful way to decorate leather, but learning how to create a pattern to tool is far from easy! This workshop taught by Joe Meling, is specifically designed to help you build a foundation in floral pattern drawing. Students will learn basic fundamentals like establishing flow, filling spaces, and managing background spaces. Students will practice Joe’s techniques to inspire freedom in drawing their own patterns. After working with Joe, students will be able to utilize pattern books more effectively and be more comfortable developing their own style within floral tooling. Developing confidence in drawing & design takes time and practice and no one has become an artist in one day. However, with a willingness to have some fun and step outside the comfort zone, students will leave with the confidence to continue practicing and add new flare to any project. Leatherwork is meant to be an art rather than a science and learning a few guidelines will give you some framework to build your creativity on and make the learning process a lot less frustrating.

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FRIDAY, November 1, 2019 8am-12pm

Students should bring: note taking materials, drawing pad, pencil & eraser