How to Get More Out of Your Swivel Knife

How to Get More Out of Your Swivel Knife


Want to perfect and refine your swivel knife skills before you start that important project? The way you prepare can go a long way in determining your success with the results. This is a hands-on swivel knife class, where we will start with learning proper techniques, including how to comfortably hold your swivel knife, set it at the perfect height, and proper stropping. This is not a sharpening class; that is covered in depth in the “On the Edge” class. Instructor Paul Zalesak will lead students in practicing how to run with your cuts, apply decorative cuts in the right places at the right depth, and how to eliminate scalping and undercuts. We will also do some fun practice exercises that will build your confidence and improve your ability, performance, and endurance with the swivel knife. Students will also have the opportunity to seek feedback for improvement and make those areas you struggle with a thing of the past. 

This workshop is designed for the leather crafter of any skill level -- novice to master.

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Materials to bring: Sharp swivel knife, strop, water bowl with sponge, compass or wing dividers, and a ruler. 

THURSDAY: October 31, 2019 8am-12pm