On the Edge!

On the Edge!


The proper maintenance of your cutting tools is crucial for any leather worker, and in this class we will delve into the fundamental principles and techniques of properly and consistently sharpening and maintaining all your leather cutting tools. Instructor Paul Zalesak will also cover different types of sharpening media and various proven methods while you spend time sharpening some of your own tools with his guidance and direction. All skill levels are encouraged to participate.

The price of the class includes a copy of Paul’s “On the Edge” book, which is a compilation of 11 articles as featured in the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal.

All leatherworkers are encouraged to take this class.

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Students should bring:

  • 3-5 leather cutting tools (round knife, swivel knife, skiver, pocket knife, draw gauge blade, trim knife, splitter blade, etc.)

  • Your favorite sharpening media (diamond hones, oil stones, water stones)

  • Tandy keen edge sharpening fixture (or other fixture for your swivel knife blade)

  • 2"x 4" the length of your sharpening media (to make a riser block)

  • Strop

  • Wipe rag(s)

  • Scrap leather pieces for practice

THURSDAY October 31, 1pm-5pm