Adrian Buckaroogirl is making her way to Pendleton for a concert!

Adrian is a Billboard chart topping singer-songwriter who is equally at home in the branding pen, on stage or on a bucking horse. Her critically acclaimed 4th album “Desert Dwelling Mama” was released this winter to a massive response, and her cowboy music roots and outlaw-old school country feel seem to touch old-timers and newcomers to roots music alike. Hailing from an off-grid cabin in the mountains, Adrian splits her time between touring, writing and performing, chopping wood and taking care of her own bunch of cows.

Now is your chance to see Adrian in person: Friday, November 1, 2019 Pendleton, OR TICKETS ON SALE SEPT 25, 2019

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A little more about this spectacular gal….

Growing up in a “gypsy family,” Adrian was exposed to the raw beauty of the Scottish highlands and the Nevada sagebrush, the harsh reality of life in a post-iron curtain Ukraine and the adventures of learning French in Switzerland before returning to life in America and falling in love with the west. “I lived in a 14 ft tipi through middle and high school” Adrian reflects, “I was a wild child with un-brushed hair and out of control riding bareback and wishing I had been born a mountain man from the fur trade era. My family not only tolerated, but encouraged my unruly behavior and cultivated my love of the wild places and freedom.”

Hard work, books, trapping, opera (another tale in and of itself) and barefoot adventures into the hills filled Adrian’s childhood, and although her family was not always cowboying for a living or based on huge ranches-the love of working horseback learned from her father always stayed with her. “My dad and sister were the cowboys. My mom and I were the free spirit-cowboys” Adrian says with a smile. “I refused to do things like everyone else. I didn’t care if I was weird or the odd man out, I loved the old school – the different – the roads less traveled.”

When Adrian was 14, her life changed forever with the chance to record an album. An open mic, two newly written songs and a little girl who had been playing a pawn-shop guitar for two weeks suddenly realized her life’s purpose. With the help of an incredible couple (Mike and Liz Vanderhoof) from Utah who saw the clear potential, Adrian picked up the guitar and welded pen and paper like weapons, moving head-on into the career she knows she was meant to pursue to this day. “I realized that I had things to say, a [cowboy] culture I longed to protect, and a spirit that had to wander. It was stumbling into perfection, into meaning and into something I’ve never regretted for a minute. It was like coming home.”

“Desert Dwelling Mama”, Adrian’s acclaimed fourth album, is the story of an artist who rode through fire and came out the other side smiling. The gritty black and white record takes the listener to a time long gone, while promising the hope and joy that is always there for those who look for it. “I didn’t find myself,” she says “I was never lost, but this is the first time in my career I let go and was able to be honest and raw in a way I was always afraid to be before. I was ready to be the girl I had always been inside, but never was able to show the world. This is my way of saying, thanks for listening, now sit up and pay attention. I’ve got something to say.”