started making his first saddle while in college in 1974, with instructions from a book. Although he found these instructions inadequate, it did begin Alan's lifelong fascination with leatherwork and a career as a saddlemaker. After college, Alan took advantage of the GI Bill and attended Bill Long's saddle school in Spokane, WA. Subsequently, Alan began his own saddle shop in Yakima and worked at Washington State University as an instructor. Alan has worked for some great saddle companies throughout his career; Ray Holes Saddle Co., Seidel's Saddlery and Hamley Co. Alan has been invited to exhibit at the Trappings of the American West, the Coconino Center of the Arts, and Art of the Saddlemaker. The Hamley Co. sought Alan out when the new owners began reviving the brand several years ago. Alan says, "I like to think I make a pretty saddle with a good seat, that a horseman can use comfortably all day."


has been carving leather and doing saddle work since the 1950's. He started working in various saddle shops on the West coast before opening his own custom shop in 1995. At present, Dick lives in Cedar City, Utah where he now operates The Tooling Bench which specializes in reconditioning antique leather tools and machinery. Dick continues to creates custom leather work while instructing leather carving and saddle making. Dick can be found at the trade shows with his wife, Lillie and his dog, Buster.


is a saddlemaker who splits his time between his home in Utah and his work in Arizona. He operates Marshall Saddles in Cedar City and is the saddlemaker for the mule concession in on of our National Parks. Joe deals with working cowboys in some of the roughest terrain and knows how to construct useful, long-lasting gear.


has been sewing since a 1970 Home Economics class introduced her to the medium. In the years' since, Julie has made everything from bridal gowns to rodeo royalty wear. Julie first began making leather clothing in 2009 when she completed a leather jacket to wear at the NFR. Currently Julie operates JJ Pierce Company in Lewiston, ID making bespoke leather garments.


is a bespoke cowboy boot maker; she makes cowboy boot from flat pieces of leather and the customer's measurements. Lisa's goal is to bring attention to the craft of bootmaking with exemplary work, speaking and teaching. Lisa has won numerous award in the US and abroad with her outstanding cowboy boots.


Founding President of Leather Wranglers Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a leather artist, knife maker and expert on metallurgy and sharpening. Paul started tooling leather in 1974 under the tutelage of Jimmy Resley. His love of the leather craft and his passion for finding a high performance swivel knife is why he developed the SK-3 and his non-traditional designs of the Round Knife, Skiver, and other leather craft knives. Paul has done extensive research in the technology and science of metals and metal alloys. Having served as a college professor for more than 25 years, Paul also loves to teach basic swivel knife use as well as sharpening principles and techniques for all your leathercraft cutting knives. He has written numerous articles and taught in various leather craft shows and workshops. Paul is the Vice President of International Internet Leathercrafters’ guild (2012-2014). He is also a member of New Mexico Roadrunner Leather Artisan’s Guild, Colorado Saddle Maker Association, Lone Star Leather Crafters of Fort Worth, TX and


has been braiding rawhide for the last 25 years after learning the craft from his father. Currently, Steve prefers to work in rawhide and enjoys sharing the knowledge he has accumulated and the traditional skills he was shown years ago. Steve has developed and patented items for the custom braider such as the LaceMaster, Vaquero String Cutter and the Roll N Sharp for splitter blades. Steve has been twice awarded teaching apprenticeships through the State of Idaho and in Washington as well.


is a Master Saddle Maker from Hermiston, Oregon. He has been working with leather since the 1970’s , giving him 40+ years of experience. His knowledge of saddles and tack has come from years of working on local ranches and doing repair work. Joe also worked for the famous Hamley’s of Pendleton Oregon under Randy Severe.


of Shooting Start Saddlery in Niarada, Montana has been making chaps since 1981, and a full time saddle maker since 1993. Jeff has spent most of his life around horses, as a trainer, a farrier, a guide, and ranch hand. He enjoys making all sorts of gear, and especially making chaps for someone who has never had a pair. "Chaps are such an improvement in grip and comfort while riding, not to mention protection, I can't wait to get someone into their first pair." Jeff also won the chap category at the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show in 2006.


of Leather Machine Co. has been around sewing machines his entire life. Starting out in his uncle's Chandler Adler Sewing shop on the West Coast as a young man, Steve continued working with nearly all the major brands before founding Leather Machine Co. in 2009. Steve has designed the machines for the Space Shuttle Program with Rockwell International and hold 3 US patents for household sewing machine attachments.


Master Leather Craftsman from Sheridan, Wyoming, has been working with leather since his youth, starting with 4-H as a young boy. Chan spent his childhood around many saddle shops including Lloyd Davis and Otto F. Ernst. In the early 60's he started tooling part time for Ernst Saddlery, and other shops in the area. When Chan needed a pattern or a tool, he would make one. Chan has been awarded many prestigious awards including the Al Stohlman award and the Bill Churchill award (PSLAC). Chan also enjoys teaching others his craft; he has travelled the US and most recently been to France giving his popular hands-on classes.


is the proprietor of Bork Saddlery Hardware and still manufactures his hardware in the US at his location near Pendleton, Oregon. Herb is a wealth of knowledge about saddlery hardware and has seen the fads change over time and can speak about what works and what doesn't.


the "Bear Man" began his journey in leatherwork at the age of 15 when he started visiting the Leather Craft Shop on a military base. Those visits inspired Ed to delve into the craft and to develop his own techinques along the way. In his late 20's, Ed was hired by McLelland's Saddlery in Lake Worth, FL. While at McLellend's, Ed met Bob Dellis who did all the tooling for the saddlery. Bob & Ed shared many interests with one another which led to Ed's learning tooling while they worked together. In the years that have passed, Ed has honed his craft and creates what he terms "Nature Realistic" designs; he studies what occurs in the natural world and recreates them in leather and dye.


started braiding nylon cord in high school. First by making belts and them moving onto bridles. In 1991, Beaner started working with braiding leather; the first attempts looked great for a couple years! During the 90's Beaner met and visited TCAA rawhide braider Nate Wald. With Nate he learned different styles and how to read the different patterns, though the challenges presented with these new skills were enormous. Around 2003, Beaner met renowned rawhide braider Vince Donley who inspired and challenged Beaner by sharing new knowledge and methods for this traditional artform. Much of Beaner's work was bought by King's Museum, Sheridan Wyo. and has shown in the "Trappings of Texas" show at the Museum of the Big Bend. For the last 14 years Beaner has shown in the "World Leather Debut" in Sheridan, Wyo. and has won his category 7 times. Beaner braids bridles, reins, canes and bolo ties as a hobby; beacause he finds it enjoyable and relaxing and he hopes other can enjoy his work as well.


has a long history in a diverse field of arts--everything from formal studio art to building sets for amusement parks. Whether Annie was creating custom fly fishing accessories or painting a fine art canvas, her love of uniqueness and creativity shines through. Fly fishing is a passion for Annie, and many of her projects revolve around the subject matter and act of fly fishing. Annie has won numerous awards and honors with her unique leatherwork and murals. Currently Annie is the Artist in Residence at McKenzie River Inn, Vida, Oregon where she makes fly fishing cases, goes to the University of Oregon for Film and Animation and helps the inn with ambiance and design.


is an eclectic Western maker & silversmith living in rural Oregon. Nevada grew up helping her parents operate Jeremiah Watt Products and started her own business before she could legally drive. As a young entrepreneur, Nevada brings a fresh sense of style and social media acumen to every venture. You can also see Navada demonstrating engraving with GRS Tools during the trade show. Nevada is the curator and the producer of the Fusion show & sale during the Brannaman ProAm Roping.


of Sage Creek Creek Saddles grew up in Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah and has been working with leather for over 30 years. Beginning with handmade tools from his grandfather, Gordon began his training in earnest while attending Utah State University. Saddle maker Mark Broughton helped Gordon build his first saddle using notes taken in a Jesse Smith saddlemaking class. Gordon credits Mark's generosity as a boost to his lifelong work of leathercraft. Gordon says, "I like to study original pieces of gear from the early saddle makers. I'm grateful to those who have gone before. They created a legacy for us to be a part of. I love making things that are useful and feel blessed to be working at something every day that I want to do."


started in leather craft about 20 years ago under the tutelage of a local Tandy store and began his business, White Rose Leather. Ken has participated in many workshops and classes with diverse professionals, learning a variety of skills along the way. White Rose Leather has specialized in many different types of leatherwork, but now mainly creates custom holsters. Ken is heavily involved with are 4-H groups and enjoys donating his time to promote leather craft and introducing the art to younger generations. Ken is an active member of the PSLAC, helping with their website and publications. He was recently honored by the club with the Bill Churchill Award.


has been making leather goods for eight years. He runs the blog and website,, which has been the go-to resource for advanced tools, materials and luxury leather craft inspiration since 2012.


has been building custom leather goods for more than 35 years. She first attended school at Spokane Falls Community College under Jesse Smith and started her career in Laramie, WY at The Boardwalk working for Rob Vogel. Her specialty lies with chinks, chaps, rodeo Queen chaps, Roughstock chaps & Armitas. Julie's love of people and teaching has lead her to offer beginner & advanced classes at her Leatherworking School in Ellensburg, WA.


has been exhibiting artist's books and design bindings for more than 20 years. Her work resides in collections across the country and around the world, and she's been recognize by the Oregon Arts Commission/NEA with an Oregon Artist Fellowship. Learn more at



has been involved with leather for over 16 years. Jason first worked as a cobbler & sincerely loved the process of repairing, renewing & creating leather goods & maintaining leather sewing machines. Jason has been employed by Tandy Leather for 7 years at the Spokane, WA location. He has taught children's & adult leatherworking classes all over the Northwest & enjoyings bringing leatherwork to the next generation.


is the 6th generation owner and president of Burns since 1876, a 142-year-old same-family western retail and manufacturing company. He oversees all divisions of the company which includes Burns Management Services, Burns Saddlery, Burns Custom Hats, Sunset Trails Silver, Burns Boots, three retail locations, and Shop Talk! magazine, his favorite being the hat company. He comes from a long line of hard-working, creative craftsmen so I guess you could say entrepreneurship is in his blood.


has been building saddles for Burns Saddlery of Salina, Utah for 9 years. He has been a part of the Burns team since he was 16 years old when he signed on to help train race horses with 5th generation owner, Scott Shaw. Matt’s talent for drawing and love of cowboying led him to the saddle shop and he has been there ever since. His dependability and willingness to go the extra mile in all he does landed him the position he now holds, Burns leather artisan leader. Matt has been inspired by some of the greats like Shane Deeter, Chuck Stormes, and Keith Seidel. But he credits the talented team he works with every day with inspiring him to get out of his comfort zone and take his artistry to the next level.


is a North Carolina Appalachian Cultural Artist. Lesa has a long history of cultural art and tradition and is a published author. She has demonstrated her numerous talents at various schools, universities, events, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, NC Mountain State Fair and NC State Fair. Her cultural art and can be found all over the world. Inspired by her love for the natural world, her designs reflect the warmth, simplicity, and diversity found in nature. She uses leather as her medium to bring life and beauty back into the hides she chooses to work with.